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When you search “fire pits” on Google, you’ll find a stunning array of images of different shapes, sizes, and styles right at the top— it’s nearly impossible to refrain from buying any of those charming, not-so-small items.
Best Small Tabletop fire pit

Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Discovering the Magic of My Tabletop Fire Pit!

Oh, let me tell you about my unexpected adventure with this pint-sized powerhouse of a tabletop fire pit! As a

Is a Smokeless Fire Pit Better for the Environment?

Quality People consider buying a smokeless fire pit for a lot of different reasons, and I’ve heard ‘em all!  

What Makes a Good Quality Fire Pit?

If you’re on this page, it means you’re asking the right question, and will get the right answers here to

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fire Pit

When you search “fire pits” on Google, you’ll find a stunning array of images of different shapes, sizes, and styles

Solo Wood Pellet Adapter is worth it’s weight in gold

Don’t misunderstand me burning firewood still has its charm and place in the fire pit experience. But this wood pellet

The Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit: Your Forever Solution

If you want to make sure you find a fire pit that is built solidly enough to never need replacing


Having a fire pit of any kind is a wonderful experience, but did you know that fire pits can be

Roaring Fires & Epic Tales: Solo Stove Yukon 2024 Review

The Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit is the second largest smokeless fire pit offered by Solo Stove – our review covers all

Best Wood Pellet Fire Pits for 2024 Reviewed

Wood pellet fire pits are excellent options when you are looking for quick, portable fire pits that are easy to

Do I Need a Solo Bonfire Heat Deflector?

I’ve been waiting for the Solo Stove Bonfire Heat Deflector to be ready and it’s finally here! One of the

How To Get Amazing Fire Pit Colors & Magic Flames

If you want incredible Fire Pit Colors that will make magic flames in your fire pit this season, here is

Best Fuel For A Fire Pit: What Should You Use?

A fire pit is a great way to relax, enjoy company, and create memories with family. But what fuel should

Best Wood For A Fire Pit and Solo Stove

I know it’s getting colder and the leaves are starting to fall, but I’m still thinking about how wonderful summer

My Take on the Outland Living Cypress Fire Pit

Sizing Up Your Options on Outland Fire Pits If you’re trying to decide between the 5 different Outland Living fire

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