Using a simple pad called a fire pit grass protector prevents any chance of your fire pit from doing damage to your yard.

What is a Fire Pit Grass protector?

The most effective fire pit protective mat for grass is one that has multiple layers.

The first layer should be reflective and will redirect any heat coming from under your fire pit upward and away from the ground.

The second layer should insulate any remaining heat from the ground.

The third and final layer is a glass-fiber fabric that is also heat resistant and waterproof, protecting the surface from burns, heat damage, spills, or splatter.

The right size for your fire pit grass protector is approximately the same size as your fire pit.

The damaging heat in a fire pit is only directed downward – not outward, so large mats are not necessary – not to mention taking up more space and do not look very nice.

It is important that there is at least 4 inches of clearance between your fire pit and the ground for your mat to be effective.

Once you know the type and size of your fire pit, you can easily get the right size of the mat.

How To Use One

Place your pad on the grass where you will be using your fire pit. Make sure the reflective side is facing up.

Set your fire Pit over the pad and check for at least 4 inches clearance between the bottom of your fire pit and your pad.

Start your fire pit and enjoy!

Here are two mats that both have great reviews for how well they protect any type of surface under the fire pit.

Round Fire Pit Protective Mat For Grass

Square Fire Pit Protective Mat For Grass

What People Are Saying


Folds up easily and fits under fire pit cover when not in use.

Less expensive and quicker fix than installing a stone fire pit base.

Never gets hot to the touch – even after hours of heat.


Do not leave it out in the rain becomes totally waterlogged and takes a very long time to dry and would not leave it on your deck when wet.

Smaller size does not protect wider area if your fire pit throws a lot of ambient heat to the side.


The best way to protect the grass under your fire pit is with a reflective mat. It effectively redirects all the heat upward and keeps the grass cool underneath.

If you do not want a permanent burn area and want the flexibility to set up your fire pit anywhere, then using a fire pit mat is a great choice. Remember to store it out of the elements and it will last you many years.