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Best Fire Pit Accessories and Maintenance Tips

Upgrade Your Fire Pit: The Ultimate Guide to Accessories and Add-Ons

Just as additional features can transform the user experience of a device or software, investing in top-notch fire pit accessories can elevate your outdoor entertainment to new heights. It is not all about warmth and ambiance. Good quality accessories give you more ways to enjoy your fire pit; some help keep it in good shape, and a few others ensure safety is on lock. So, let’s look at some of the best fire pit accessories and tools I’d recommend if my neighbor popped his head over the fence and asked me what to buy. Which funny enough is exactly what does happen.


Fire Pit Cooking Accessories

Cooking Grill

There’s an unspoken rule that if you’re getting a fire pit, especially a wood-burning fire pit, the next item to add to the cart is a cooking grate —or grill, whichever you call it. These grates placed atop the pit allow you to cook food directly over the fire, expanding the functionality of your fire pit beyond warmth and ambiance. With these, you can do more than sit snugly around the fire, roasting marshmallows; you can cook burgers, veggies, hotdogs, and more. Moreover, it is a cheaper alternative to a standard BBQ grill stand.


Maintenance Tips;

  • After each use, clean the cooking grate with a wire brush to remove food residue.
  • Apply a thin layer of cooking oil to prevent rusting. 
  • Store the grate in a dry place when not in use.

Combo Grill & Skillet

Similar to a cooking grill, but with a handy skillet that provides a flat surface to either cook or keep your food warm. They are versatile and come in various designs, the most popular having an adjustable pole. You can boil your water whilst cooking your steak.  The one I use holds a lot of weight. Strong enough to place cast iron plates on.  However, my Game Maker Combo is no good on a brick patio you must have ground to stake the pole into.  It’s also handy to take camping with you….but don’t forget your hammer as I once did.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Clean the grill plate after each use with a grill brush or scraper.
  • I clean mine with the help of WD-40
  • Periodically check for any signs of wear or rust and address them promptly.

Marshmallow forks

You want the full fire pit experience? Get a marshmallow fork. Admittedly, roasting mallows is considered the cruise of the entire experience, and this tool makes the idea fun and easy. But let me tell you if you don’t already know.  Marshmallow sticks are not all created equal.  Up until recently, I thought they were all cheap and flimsy until my wife was gifted a new set of rotating marshmallow sticks.  They’re essential for making s’mores and enjoying fireside treats. If you have children or grandkids these are a must-have item and also make a great gift for someone hard to buy for.  But when using with young kids make sure to help them as the tips are rather sharp.  I was also very impressed with how far they expanded.  Unlike my cheaper set I couldn’t clean the burnt marshmallows off these cleaned off like a dream just using soap and water.

Maintenance Tips;

  • Rinse the marshmallow forks with warm, soapy water after each use. 
  • Dry them thoroughly to prevent rusting.
  • Store them in a dry place to maintain their quality. Mine came with a handy bag.

Maintenance Accessories

Firewood Rack

You may be thinking it’s rather fancy or unnecessary to get a firewood rack but I wouldn’t be without it. Rather than laying them loosely around the backyard or garage, storage accessories like racks or log holders keep your firewood organized and off the ground. This of course helps prevent moisture buildup and ensures your firewood stays dry and ready to use.  Also avoids that smell that wood can get when piled on the ground.  I must admit I was a bit dubious about buying one online as the photos didn’t do it justice.  But it turns out I was wrong and my wood rack is very sturdy.  Here’s a tip when putting it together I used my crescent wrench as the one supplied just didn’t cut the mustard.


Maintenance Tips:

  • Regularly inspect the firewood storage for signs of moisture or pest infestation.
  • Keep the firewood stacked neatly to promote airflow and prevent mold growth.
  • Replace any damaged or rotting pieces of wood promptly.

Ash Shovel

One thing that would quickly ruin your wood-burning fire pit is ash residuals. An ash shovel is for removing ash and debris from the fire pit. Regularly removing the ashes helps maintain proper airflow and prevents the buildup of ash that can smother the fire. Though clearing the ash after using your wood-burning fire pit is no fun task, with a tool like this, you get to do it quicker and easier.  Or what I do is clean up after Johnny our dog at the same time.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Clean the shovel with water and mild soap to remove any residue.
  • Store it in a dry place to prevent rust.

Fire Pit Lids

Fire pit lids are covers that fit over the fire pit when it is not in use—one accessory you should have readily if you want your fire pit to last longer. They are especially used for permanent fire pits stationed outdoors. Debris, rain, and even bird droppings might be a problem if unchecked; they may lead to moisture buildup and rust.  A lot of fire pits from reputable companies now come with heavy-duty material covers or bags.  On the hand, I have been known to double up and use a domed spark screen as my lid. The one above is what I use.  After purchasing it I did however feel the need to spray paint it with BBQ paint.  But that’s easy to do. What I like about the screen is that it opens on both sides so I can choose which end to feed the wood through depending on the way the wind is blowing.  But please please remember to use a poker when opening it after the fire is lit.  Don’t find out the hard way like I did!!!

Maintenance Tips:

  • Keep the fire pit lid clean of debris to prevent mold growth.
  • Check the seals regularly to ensure they are intact and provide a tight fit.
  • Store the lid in a dry place when not in use to prevent warping or damage.
  • Inspect the spark screen for any tear that may allow embers to escape.
  • Repair or replace damaged screens promptly.
  • Clean the screen regularly to remove ash buildup, which can hinder airflow.

Safety Accessories

Fire Poker

A fire pit poker is a sturdy, long-handled tool for stoking flames from a safe distance, adjusting logs easily as needed to keep the fire going. It’s such an essential accessory that it usually comes with most fire pit brands.  I bet you will find yourself poking the fire even when it is not necessary.


Maintenance Tips:

  • Keep the fire poker clean and free of rust.
  • Store it in a dry location to prevent corrosion.

Heat-resistant Gloves

When handling a fire pit, safety is a priority. The heat-resistant glove is a safety accessory to protect your hands from burns when handling hot accessories or firewood. For example, a pizza oven is one accessory that requires more hands-on participation, which would be unsafe to handle with bare hands. I mean, nursing a burn because you accidentally touched something hot is a rather unpleasant situation. I should know as I found out the hard way. So, to avoid burns from prolonged exposure to flames or hot surfaces, get a heat-resistant glove.  I have bought quite a few pairs over the years.  But the Bluefire gloves are by far the best I have had.  I promise you will thank me.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Wash gloves regularly according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Inspect for any signs of wear or tear, and replace if damaged.

Heat Deflector

The idea of a heat deflector is to stretch heat farther and disperse warmth all around.  You may find that on most extra chilly nights, just the fire pit alone might not be enough, especially around a smaller fire pit. Apart from the Solo Stove heat deflector I have not had the pleasure of trying other brands.  But speaking to a few of my mates they have tried the Maplefield and liked it.  To avoid any risk of burns and injuries, have a heat-resistant glove nearby for when you want to put it away.  One of my favorite fire pit brands Solo Stove does this really well with their add on heat deflector (see my review here).

PS: Position the heat deflector according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper airflow and heat dispersion.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Allow to cool after use and clean thoroughly.
  • Regularly inspect the heat deflector for signs of damage or warping.
  • Replace if necessary to maintain effective heat protection.

Fire Extinguisher

Call me Captain Sensible but last but not least, a fire extinguisher. A crucial safety item to have on hand in case of emergencies. Ideally, a dry-chemical extinguisher with a Class A or B or a multipurpose rating, such as the one usually in your kitchen, is highly recommended. Also, ensure the fire extinguisher is easily accessible and regularly check the pressure gauge to ensure it’s fully charged.  Better to be safe than sorry!

Maintenance Tips:

  • Check the pressure gauge on the fire extinguisher regularly to ensure it is fully charged.
  • Replace or recharge extinguishers as needed to maintain readiness.

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