Camp-fire meals have a certain rustic charm to them, but they don’t have to be burnt offerings with the Solo Stove Tripod.

With the Solo Stove Tripod, you can use your camp stove with precision.

The solo stove tripod is adjustable and lets you simmer or keep warm everything from hearty soups and stews to hot cocoa and apple cider.

It also frees up space on your already cramped campsite so that you can devote entire tables for other activities like games or crafts.

Now there’s no need to compromise when it comes to cooking at camp!

How To Cook Over A Campsite Using The Solo Stove Tripod

Step 1: Start by choosing what you want to cook. The Solo Tripod can simmer or keep warm almost anything, but it can also use ingredients that are dry and don’t need much liquid. Some good things to make using your solo stove tripod include campfire soup, oatmeal, hot cocoa, hard-boiled eggs, or even warming up some delicious apple cider.

Step 2: Light your Solo Stove to get it hot enough for cooking. Make sure to allow it some time to burn down a bit to get the hot coals you will need for cooking at a high temperature.

Step 3: Use the Solo Stove Tripod to hold your pan or pot over the solo stove. Set it over the solo stove so that it’s about one inch away from touching the top of the stove. Because heat is directed upward, you do not need the pan to drop down inside the Solo Stove. You can also adjust the height of your pan to get more or less heat for cooking.

Step 4: Enjoy your cooked meal! Once you are finished cooking, extinguish the Solo Stove by letting it burn out safely. It’s helpful to add water to the pan while it’s still hot to help loosen any remaining food for easy cleaning and to return to storage until next time. Be careful to not touch the tripod while it is over the Solo Stove unless you are using a cooking glove or hot pad.

What Others Are Saying About The Solo Stove Tripod

“This Solo Stove Tripod is a fantastic addition to my Solo Stove accessories! A delightful rustic method to cook while still taking advantage of the heat provided by the Solo Stove!! Since I cooked my most recent batch of chili over the Solo Stove, I’ve had several friends buy one. The lightweight aluminum construction makes it simple to utilize.”

“The SoloStove Tripod is a must-have for the SoloStove Triton or Campfire. The lightweight anodized aluminum construction keeps the weight down while expanding your cooking abilities with your SoloStove and the sturdy construction will give you peace of mind that your dinner will not end up on the ground. Pairs perfect with any SoloStove cookware with bail handles to simmer soups/stews or keeping your water warm for a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. If you own a SoloStove you will not regret purchasing this accessory.”

“Nice compact unit, easy to pack along with my stove. This is going to be very nice for regulating temperature when I want to do more than a hot fast cook! Also will give stability if I have a large or heavy pot….don’t want to spill stuff if the pot gets bumped when stirred!”


The best place to get your tripod is the Solo Stove Website – often they have extra coupons and sales going on.

See Price for Tripod Here

It’s time to stop burning food and wasting it by accidentally dumping it into your fire.

You can start cooking with your solo stove tripod at your next trip or even in your yard! If you want to expand your skills as a backyard or campfire chef, this solo stove tripod is a great way to get started.

Check out our recipes on other things that are great to cook with the Solo Stove HERE.

It’s easy to use and set up and will help warm water, food and anything else you may need.