If you want incredible Fire Pit Colors that will make magic flames in your fire pit this season, here is what you need to know.

It’s actually pretty simple to get some vivid and bright color variations.

All you have to do is grab a few packs of these right here:

PSA: Things You Should Know About Fire Pit Colors

The nice thing about these packs is that you never have to actually touch the chemicals inside them that are creating the fire pit colors. You are burning chemicals inside the packs to create the colors.

That’s a good thing because it’s probably not smart to be handling the chemicals inside the packs unless you know what you are doing.

You also don’t want to cook over the fires after you have put them in. Because chemicals are being burned for the colors, the by products might not be safe for ingesting or breathing.

Just be smart about it and follow the directions and there shouldn’t be any issues.

When we’ve used them, we like to throw them on after we have done any cooking such as making smores or hot dogs.

PSA done.

How Long Do Fire Pit Colors last?

The reviews all were positive about the amount of time that the packets produced colorful flames.

The packets themselves say 30 minutes but many people found they got an hour or more of colors.

Most people suggested that you put a couple of packs in together in different places in the fire and then add more about 30-60 minutes later.

Are Fire Pit Colors Safe For My Fire Pit?

Yes, the chemicals will burn off and not damage your fire pit.

A lot of people also questioned what would happen to the plastic bag and would it melt down onto the fire pit?

It actually will burn away and disappear so there will be no residue left after using the packets.

Can you use them on a propane fire pit or over glass or lava rocks?

They will not work properly unless they are used on a wood-burning fire pit.

Wood burning does include fire logs and wood pellet fire pits. There are many reviewers who have used them in these situations and enjoyed them.

Are there different colors we can purchase?

Absolutely. When I did a search on Amazon, it was apparent how popular fire pit colors are. Almost any color you can imagine there is a package for.

Here’s a link to a search where you can see all the different options and colors available.

Fire Pit Colors – Full Variety and Prices