My new “wish list” item this year is the Northland Deck Defender.

The chills of winter are here and for many other reasons, sometimes it’s best to get together outside.

That’s why I love fire pit’s – they literally are a year-round outdoor feature.

Sometimes we like to bring ours up on the wood deck out of the cold and snowy yard.

After shoveling off the deck and setting out some chairs, cozying up to a fire is the best with a warm drink.

If you have a Solo Stove, keeping your deck safe is easy using their Solo Stove Stand you can find here.

But if you don’t have a Solo Stove, the best thing you should check out to protect that expensive deck is the Northland Deck Defender.

Northland Deck Defender Pros

The first thing I like about the Northland Deck Defender is that it is solid metal construction.

A lot of other deck or grass protectors are only made up of heat-resistant fabric.

While these can work well and also are very cheap – the longevity and look leave much to be desired.

The deck defender always matches well with any kind of steel, iron, or aluminum fire pit you might already have.

Because it is made of aluminum and powder-coated steel, it will last far longer than your firepit will typically last allowing you to store it outside year-round.

A second thing I love about it is the size.

There are a couple of options, but if you get the size that fits your firepit, it will fit snugly right under it without taking up a bunch of floor space.

The third reason I love this deck fire guard is because of its 2-piece construction.

The top piece reflects the majority of the heat back upward and outward toward your guests.

The powder coated fram has wide feet that also hold it a few inches up away in the case you want to use it on your lawn.

Lastly, it’s handcrafted in the U.S.A. Not only is this a guarantee of quality, but it also is a point of pride that you can take with purchasing something that is American made.

Northland Deck Defender Cons

While it might not seem like there are many Cons to the Northland Deck Defender, it’s important to consider a few things.

First off, before you get one make sure that your fire pit will fit properly on it.

It size is 26″ x 26″; which fits MOST standard fire pits 18 to 36 inch; and its weight capacity is 350 lbs.

Second, it will raise up your current fire pit 4 inches. This may not be significant, but if you have a taller fire pit, sometimes it can be an issue.

Where to buy the Northland Deck Defender

The easiest place to purchase the deck defender is here on Amazon, but be aware of the restocking fee if you do need to make a return.