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The Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit: Your Forever Solution


If you want to make sure you find a fire pit that is built solidly enough to never need replacing AND you want it guaranteed for life, the Patriot Fire Pit is a great choice.

Looking for a fire pit that not only lasts a lifetime but also comes with a solid build? Look no further than the Patriot Fire Pit. With its robust construction and lifetime guarantee, it’s a top choice for durability. Each Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit is uniquely crafted, complete with its own individual fire bowl and original number.

As I explored various fire pits and bowls, I began to ponder if there existed one that boasted such solid construction that rusting out would never be a concern.

That’s when I landed on it. Take a look at this.

Ohio Patriot Fire Pit

But right after admiring the simple good looks, I dove into the reviews to find out what people really thought about it.

Patriot Fire Pit Reviews

First off, there were not many negative reviews. So let me save you some time and get them out of the way.

One person complained that her Patriot Fire Pit rusted quickly. But don’t go just yet because I think this is a simple misunderstanding.

What should be understood about the Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit is that it is crafted from thick carbon American steel that is sourced from local steel mills.  No maintenance is required for this Fire Pit, as it’s designed to withstand the elements year-round. 

The “Natural Steel Finish” will develop a natural iron oxide patina and gradually darken over time. 

Fact Steel Fire Pits Rust! However..

……but that’s what steel does, the problem is that we are so used to cheap super-thin steel rusting and breaking.

This is not thin steel, it’s thick. In fact the 30″ steel fire pit actually weights 68 pounds and the steel is almost 1/4 inch thick!

The lifetime durability of steel that thick is impressive and clearly why they offer a lifetime guarantee.

I personally love antique, and rustic fire pits that look like they are solidly built. And to top it off, the Ohio Flame company is 100% Made in America with

American Produced Steel.

Made in USA Fire Pit

Now that is a beautiful rustic patina!

In my days as a decorative painter, I used to love trying to achieve natural looks like that on all kinds of surfaces.

The other negative reviews were that it was too heavy to move. I am sure it is very heavy, but fortunately, it’s also got a rounded base.

If I had to ever move it, I would just tip it a bit sideways and roll it. I’m sure that wouldn’t be too much of a problem. This is not built for portability – it’s built to last a lifetime.

The third and final critical review I read was about the rust staining your concrete or flooring.

This is a definite thing that I’m sure would happen. I know this because I’ve had a rusty fender on my car and after a good rain, it stained my concrete also.

The options to prevent this if you are concerned might be to add some pavers as a fire pit support so the rust does not go directly into the concrete.

But again, I don’t mind a little bit of staining because to me it shows character and authenticity in a product. It’s supposed to do that.

Positive Reviews of the Patriot Fire Pit

There were a lot so I’m going to address them in general.

On Amazon, the fire pit was rated 4.8 out of 5 stars for over 108 reviews. That’s about the best you can get in my opinion.

So many people loved the durability, the guarantee, and especially the look of their Ohio Flame Fire Pit.

Many others commented on how it was an ideal fire pit for coastal areas.

“5 stars does not give this product justice. I have seen countless box store fire pits and ZERO have come close to the amount of steel in this pit. I work with steel every day and this product is legit plate steel that is not going to wear out in the rest of my lifetime. Excited to watch the steel age with the seasons.”

“It arrived via carrier truck strapped to pallet (they used a forklift to get it off the truck and into my driveway). After cutting the straps, I rolled it into place (would take 2-3 strong individuals to carry it). We’ve used it now multiple times and is better than imagined. It also has a venturi effect of sorts where it sucks the air back into the pit as it burns, so the smoke goes straight up and out. Unless it’s breezy, you won’t be affected by the smoke as much as smaller pits.

As you can see, it’s got some rave reviews.

Another positive feature that was commented about frequently was the drainage hole at the bottom of the bowl. Because of the bowls shape, it never collected standing water because it all drained out right away.

The hole’s purpose is to also allow air flow when burning a fire – this seems to be more than adequate from many of the reviews.

What size of a steel fire pit is best?

The fire pit comes in a lot of options ranging from 24″ in diameter all the way up to 48″.

So which size should you get?

You have to balance the amount you are willing to pay with the size of the pit.

Most reviewers purchased the 30″ pit seen here:

They commented that it was well suited for up to 6 people sitting beside it.

I also ALWAYS recommend the tape measure test. Go out and measure a 30″ diameter and see if you can imagine in your head if you would like that where you want to put it.

You may also want a lid on it to set things, so that may also influence the size you want to get.

The dimensions of the 30 inch fire pit are 30 x 30 x 14.5 inches.

Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit Conclusion

It might seem like a lot for a fire pit, but I’ve spent well over that in covers for my current fire pit over the years.

The Patriot Fire Pit is a one of a kind design and something that I believe many families will enjoy for year after year.

Plus you don’t have to worry about the weather and other elements causing it damage.

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