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My Take on the Outland Living Cypress Fire Pit


Sizing Up Your Options on Outland Fire Pits

If you’re trying to decide between the 5 different Outland Living fire bowls that all look the same then I can tell you the Cypress is the one to get. Firstly, it is the only model that has the Helios Burner and extra Lava Rocks. This combination really does make a difference and will give you a roaring fire just like the pictures…. really! It is also low profile, only 9” tall which means the heat cone is closer to the ground like a real fire and therefore much more effective, heating all the way to your toes and in a bigger area.

Cypress Fire Pit Construction

The unit is very well made, sturdy, pre-assembled, and ready to go. Fire within 5 minutes of opening the box. You got to be happy with that! There is also a lid that keeps the rain out and a clip on carry strap making it easy to move around. Sturdy 10’ hose means the propane tank can be hidden out of sight.

Propane Fire Pit Solution

I bought this for RV camping, to give up on the mess and hassle of firewood. I’m also very mindful that it is better to have a smokeless fire pit. There is so much more to gain than just the trade-off in weight and bulk of bringing (taboo) firewood. The social gathering and meal around the evening fire is a tradition and pinnacle aspect of camping. Burning gas seemed at first like such sacrilege! I will admit I was stubborn at first, with a heavy bias for the tradition of burning wood fires for so long. But with age comes wisdom. I am now a believer.

Also is there anywhere in North America where wildfires don’t happen these days? Burn bans always happen at the time of year you most want to be sitting around a campfire. The propane fire pit bowl is the perfect solution to this.

On one of our camping trips a campground neighbor saw it and ordered one on the spot. They saw how safe it was around our grandchildren and knew they could use it around their small children.

Converting Outland Living Fire Bowl

I have a friend with a raised composite deck which makes a woodfire impossible and he has successfully hooked his Outland Living fire bowl up to natural gas by purchasing the conversion kit. It will take you about 20 mins to hook up. The base is far enough off the deck that there has been no perceptible scorching from radiant heat.

Tools needed for optional natural gas conversion kit
7mm wrench (or crescent wrench)
Medium Phillips screwdriver
Another crescent wrench or channel locks to tighten the gas line to the valve.
Optional: Teflon tape, although it is not required, I prefer to use it.

Propane Fire Pit Ugly Duckling

While this one may not be the prettiest looking propane fire pit, it sure is one of the hottest ones you can get! Within about 15 minutes, this fire bowl gets incredibly toasty on high.  When having people around it, you will more than likely have to kick it down to medium eventually because WOW does this put out some serious heat! This was used on low 40 degree nights and kept me totally warm in just a t-shirt and track pants.

Surprise Benefits of the Outland Gas Fire Pit

On those cool spring mornings, we often get up early. We have never considered starting a wood fire to ward off the chill when we go outside for our morning cup of coffee. Trust me when I say that the Cypress changed that. We will fire it up as it so easy to do


  • This model is a very low profile design. It looks great and plenty of heat.
  • There is no smoke.
  • Way more convenient than wood fires.
  • Takes up less space than wood.
  • Portability- not a “fixed” fire pit.
  • No axe, shovel, paper, kindling, or fire-starters needed.
  • Less mess- nothing to sweep, clean up, or ashes to empty.
  • Instant gratification- Light it, and the fire is ready
  • Enjoy a fire even when it rains -underneath the side awning of the RV.
  • Safer. Less risk of starting a forest fire. (Smokey is dancing a jig!)
  • Turn it off and go to bed- no more worries about leaving a fire burning overnight, or when you leave campsite.
  • Better for the environment – check out my article on “Is a “Smokeless Fire Pit Better for the Environment?”


  • Doesn’t have auto ignition – but I just bring a aim-n-flame with and its not a issue.
  • I wish the hose was little longer. I use an extension hose with quick couplers.
  • As-built, the fire bowl hose with regulator is only designed to connect to an independent propane tank. For my use, I put together another hose kit with quick couplers for the option to run off my RV propane supply line (for a bbq) as well.
  • It’s not a fire that is meant/rated to cook over -although nothing is stopping you from roasting marshmallows.
  • You may need more lava rocks to cover the gas tubes. This is more of a nitpick than an actual flaw, but the lava rocks included in your purchase of the Outland Firebowl may not be enough to hide the gas tubes. However, according to the official manual of the Firebowl, it is recommended not to put in more than a weight of 4.4 pounds in rocks.

Aside from a potential maintenance issue, the Outland Fire Bowl 863 Cypress is specifically designed to give you an easy time to assemble and start. Investing in a portable fire pit option like this would be a wise move to make.

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