The Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit is the largest smokeless fire pit offered by Solo Stove – our review covers all the details you need to know if you are considering a purchase of one.

What You Need to Know Before You Purchase A Yukon Solo Stove

Do you like bonfires?

I definitely do. But the problem with a REAL bonfire is also safety.

Real bonfires are risky in smaller backyards. There’s also lots of smoke to smell up the house and your guests.

There are always sparks flying everywhere, and the extreme heat put out to the side is not pleasant.

And if you aren’t ok with a huge patch of grass getting scorched – you are out of luck.

That’s why I don’t have big bonfires in my backyard. But with a Solo Yukon Fire Pit, now I can.

It builds really big fires that start easily, stay contained, look beautiful, and won’t destroy my backyard.

I can also use it with a stand safely on decking and other less common fire pit surfaces.

But is it worth it? Do you really need to invest in a Yukon fire pit for your family and friends to enjoy a bonfire?

Let’s find out.

Introducing the Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit

I am personally very interested in the Solo Stove brand because I love the look of it and how it’s designed to give you a secondary smokeless burn.

All Solo Stoves are built to burn off any smoke that a fire naturally puts off by funneling warm air through the side chambers and back into the flame.

But to get there you’ve got to get them going well. Throwing a few sticks or logs in the Solo Yukon is not gonna get it done.

I first started watching a bunch of YouTube Videos on the Solo Yukon because the videos help me get a better feel for how a fire is actually going to burn inside the fire pit.

If you want to see how nice and big of a “Bonfire” this stove will make, this video is the best one to watch:

The only downside of this video is that it makes me want to move out of the suburbs and find a rural house in the middle of nowhere to live!

What I also learned from this video is that for this Solo Yukon to work well, you are going to need a pile of wood.

But once you get it going, you can sit relatively close to it and not burn yourself up. This is because the double walls keep the heat releasing upward and outside of the fire pit.

You also won’t get smoked out or chased around the side…you know that whole “smoke follows beauty” thing always is a problem for me. (lol)

With the Solo Yukon, Sitting by it will definitely give you some warmth and standing by it will give you the real bonfire heat if you want it.

That’s perfect for 3-seasons (Spring-Summer-Fall). In the winter it’s probably not ideal since you would want more heat coming from the side.

Solo Stove Yukon Review: Features

  • LARGEST SOLO STOVE – Coming in at 27″ the Yukon out measures all other Solo Stove fire pits, creating the hottest and most effective fire.
  • SECONDARY COMBUSTION – Double wall design maximizes airflow and burning process. Bottom vent holes allow oxygen to feed the fire from below while simultaneously channeling warm oxygen up between the walls of the stove and back into the fire.
  • EFFICIENT BURN/LOW SMOKE – A more complete burn means little to no smoke. It also means no more half-burnt logs to deal with.
  • NO MORE DODGING SMOKE – Since Bonfire burns with almost no smoke, you’ll spend less time dodging smoke and your clothes won’t smell. You’ll spend more time enjoying the fire!
  • EASY TO USE & PORTABLE – The Bonfireā€™s singular construction completely removes the need for parts and assembly. There is literally no setup. Heavy-duty carry case included. Size: 14″ tall, 19.5″ diameter.


I like that you can use it on nearly any surface with the ring under it including decking.

You can build a massive bonfire safely since it’s double-walled in and the wood sits up on top of its Base Plate. If you add the Solo Stand, you can even burn on extra sensitive surfaces like grass and wood or composite decking and not risk damaging it.

I love that you can get a secondary burn going making it even hotter and basically disintegrating all the wood fuel leaving only bit and pieces of coals leftover.

Personally, I really like the look and design of it and it’s a fun conversation starter to talk with friends about it. They all love the secondary burn and ability to enjoy a big bonfire safely.

I’m a fan of how easy it is to cook food on a fire stick over it. The heat is constant and direct. I don’t have to guess where the hot zones are to cook – it’s the same all over when it’s really going!

I’m also a big fan of the near lack of smoke when it’s really burning. My guests – who many don’t like getting smoked out around a campfire are big fans of that as well.

Lastly, I like how it does not throw a lot of sparks – especially with the Solo Spark Shield in place to keep those embers from popping out.


Because of its size at 27″, it definitely takes a lot of wood fuel. That can get a little more pricey and now I’ve switched to buying it in bulk to make sure I have enough and am not paying too much for the small bundles. It takes about 2 gas station bundles to really get it going – and if you are going to stoke it, you’ll need a third to last into the night with a good burn.

Sometimes when I just want a little fire, it’s definitely not ideal as you can’t see the fire much at all unless it’s really going strong.

Cleaning out the ash is more of a chore since it’s so big you can’t easily tip it over. Because I live in the Chicago Suburbs, there’s no good place on my lawn to dump ashes. Solo Stove recommends that I vacuum it out with a shop vac – which is a good option also.

A few reviewers commented on the flimsiness of the fire ring at the top of the pit. It does get warped – and when cool, does not fit well. However, when the Solo Yukon gets going the ring warms back up and fits correctly again.

Solo Stove Yukon Review: FAQ

Is the Solo Stove Yukon worth it?

The Yukon Stove is definitely on the pricey end for a fire pit, however, if you are looking for a long term investment in something that is very well designed and when taken care of well will last you 10+ years, I feel the construction, nearly smokeless fire, the burn efficiency, and useability of the stove make it worth every penny.

Where should I use the Yukon? 

The Yukon works great in a backyard with decent space. I think its ideal for either a permanent location or storing it not far from where you will be using it.

Do I need to purchase any accessories? 

No, the fire pit is ready to use with just wood. You may need a stand if you are planning on using it on decking or grass to keep things cooler on the bottom. It was designed to allow you to burn on more sensitive surfaces…including grass.

Check out the Yukon Plus Stand Pricing Here

What wood types do you recommend using as fuel? 

Any firewood logs will burn but for optimum efficiency Solo Stove recommend dry hard woods. Hardwoods such as birch, maple, hickory and oak will burn longer than softwoods.

How heavy is Yukon? 

38 lbs.

How do I clean up and store my Yukon? 

After your Yukon is cool, use a shop vac or a garden shovel to remove any remaining ashes left in the stove. Keep the Yukon in a cool and dry place when not in use or use the All-Weather Shelter Cover.

Can I place the Yukon in an existing fire pit? 

Yes, however Solo Stove recommends 2+ inches of clearance around the unit for proper ventilation.

Solo Stove Yukon Review: Conclusion

If you want to safely have a nice big Bonfire that lots of people can sit around and enjoy, then the Yukon is a great choice.

It’s probably too big for most situations in a city or suburban area. In those places, I would recommend getting the Bonfire Solo Stove if you want a Solo Stove, just not one this big.

See the Bonfire Model Pricing Here

Because we have huge family get-togethers, I’m still a fan of the Yukon Solo for it’s size and it’s clean stainless steel look.

Even though it’s a lot to spend, over the many years we will be using it – I know I won’t regret it.

See the Price for the Yukon Model Here

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