Wood pellet fire pits are excellent options when you are looking for quick, portable fire pits that are easy to clean and store. Pellet fire pits are specially made to handle the smaller sized fuel chunks. The design needs to allow for proper airflow but not have air holes too big that the pellets will fall down to the ash pan below. Often you can use wood chunks inside a pellet fire pit but it will be difficult to use pellets in a fire pit designed just for wood.

These are the best ones we have found and reviewed for you.

Not only are they cleaner-burning but they are also so much more portable, allowing you to take them anywhere and enjoy the pleasures of a fire pit in any location.

The advantages of burning hardwood pellets:

First, a hardwood pellet is cheaper and take up less space. No more hauling around large pieces of wood or trying to burn wet wood you had to store outside.

They are also better for you and the environment. Hardwood pellets are made up of leftover sawdust and wood particles that have little use otherwise.


And you don’t have to only use hardwood pellets, many of the newer smokeless fire pits also can burn wood or even hardwood bricks and logs.

Make sure that you are using the right hardwood pellets for your fire pit and not the pellets you would use in your smoker.

A layer of good hardwood pellets about 2 inches thick should keep a good fire going for about 30-45 minutes.

Wood Pellet Fire Pit Reviews

Blue Sky Wood Pellet Fire Pit 15″ x 12.5″ (Amazon $79)

The cool rounded but geometric design really catches your eye and is bound to get lots of attention. It’s available in stainless steel or a mat black finish.

This one is also sold with lots of options for sport team logos on the bottom.

The size of the fire pit is a compact 15″ width x 12.5″ height.

It also comes with a zippered bag to store the two parts of the stove in that easily helps keep your car clean when you are traveling with it.

When you set it up, it’s as simple as setting the the top stove on the base, pouring in your pellets, and then lighting the stove.

The high walls and vented holes give your pellets or wood the right amount of air flow but also blocking the wind out on really windy days.


Lowest priced wood pellet fire pit currently.

Quick Starting usually blazing within 5 minutes (using a gel starter highly recommended) 

Portability allows you to have a fire going anywhere quickly. 

Low cost of fuel for Wood or Pellets. 

Low smoke production when burning well.

Easy ability to add more pellets when needed. 

Good warmth for its size.

Low spark production.


Smaller size.

Requires fueling every 30-45 minutes.

Requires cover for long term durability.

Reviewer Tips: 

“Be sure to check your local big-box hardware store for hardwood pellets. The ones they sell for home heating are generally cheaper than what you can find online. Gel fire starter is a must to get these going.”

“Perfect fire pit for small controlled situations” 

“Make sure to add fuel to the middle of the fire pit before the fire completely goes out to keep it burning hot and producing very little smoke.”

Blue Sky Patio Wood Pellet Fire Pit Round Campfire, 23.9″ x 16″

The major difference between this Blue Sky Pit and the previous one is the size.

The Patio version truly is a much bigger pellet fire pit that will put out much more heat and help keep more people warmer for longer.

This fire pit truly gives you the feel of a campfire that’s easy to gather a larger group around.

It’s obviously not as portable as the others, but still light enough at you can easily grab it and move it out of the way or stick it in a garage or shed to keep it out of the elements when not in use.


High Flames when using wood pellets that are easy to light with a little lighter fluid.

Minimal smoke when burning hot pellets or wood.

Fits burning wood easily to make fire longer lasting.

Because of high heat, minimal ashes after it cools down making cleanup quick.


More expensive to purchase larger amounts of wood or pellet fuel.

Burns through wood pellets quickly. May use up to 2 – 40lb bags for a 3 hour fire.

Must wait longer to clean it up until it cools down and definitely needs a fire pit cover to keep it from getting in bad shape from the elements.

Can create a really large and high flame if you are using just pellets that may be a safety concern with families of small children.

TIKI 25 Inch Stainless Steel Wood Pellet Fire Pit 18 3/4 x 20 3/4

If the Blue Sky model is the best deal for the money, TIKI is the nicest overall wood pellet fire pit out there. It’s like the Mercedez Benz of Wood Pellet Fire PIts.

First off, it’s made with 16 Gauge Stainless Steel – which when I looked it up, is very solid (like the thickness used in industrial stainless steel sinks!

It also has a patented air flow design and a deep well to promote the best air flow for burning.

I also love how it has a convenient sliding ash tray to easily empty out the remains after a fire.

It’s recommended that you use either split wood or their TIKI brand wood pack (full of wood pellets) which gives you instant lighting and a guaranteed 30min fire in just seconds.

It also comes with a tight fitting cloth cover to protect it from the elements.

Not only do you get the convenience of a smokeless pellet fire but you also get something that looks great.

Reviews on this pellet fire pit are stellar with mostly five stars across the board about how easy it is to use and how warm it is for a bigger group.


Looks great and is build with durable materials.

Bigger size helps it give off plenty of warmth.

Fire packs are super convenient to have a consistent 30min fire without lighter fluid or gels.

Ash Tray is helpful to keep it clean.

Comes with it’s own cover.


More expensive option compared to others.

Best for a permanent setup – not meant for portability or travel.

Fire Starter Packs recommended. Cost is about $29 for 10 of them.

Innostage Wood Pellet Fire Pit with Handles in Black or Stainless Steel

The Innostage Fire Pit measure 15″( inner diameter 11.4″) x height 12.5″ and features a patented double-wall to maximize airflow with the bottom vent holes. It’s also a two-piece setup that is portable and made from heat resistant paint covering its metal structure. Even with this, it’s probably best to keep a cover over it to keep it from rusting over time.

It has two handles on the side for lifting and shaking the ashes from the wood pellets down into the bottom tray to keep the airflow easy. The handles will get too hot to the touch during use so gloves are needed if you are reloading it to have a longer fire.

The bottom tray collects the ashes you can then dump after the fire is complete.


Smaller size – comes with bag – easy for transporting.

Handles attached to sides to shake out excess ashes and to keep airflow clear when extra build-up.


Requires more frequent refueling.

Some reviews have shown poor welding and had issues with paint cracking and rusting soon after use.

Handles are nice but you still need gloves to adjust when fire is hot.

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