If you have a Solo Stove but don’t have the Solo Bonfire Handle, you’re definitely going to want to grab one because of how easy it helps you to move your fire pit.

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How It Works

Holding the handle in one hand, just place the end with the extended piece of metal wire into any one of the top ventilation holes inside the top of the fire pit.

You will have to angle the handle downward to fit it inside.

Then lift up on the handle keeping the wire inside the ventilation hole.

The other end of the handle with the rubber stopper will then fit snugly against the Solo Stove wall and as you continue to raise up the handle, the Stove will be lifted as well.

To set it down, all you have to do is put your stove down and gently push down on the handle and it will slide out.

It’s that easy.

What I Love About The Solo Bonfire Handle

Before the handle, moving your fire pit used to be a two-person job that was not easy.

You were both hunched over, waddling to find the perfect place to light your Bonfire.

Now, one person can handle it easily.

I also love the simple design and because it’s made of the same high-quality stainless steel as the Solo Stove, it will last forever.

This makes it easy to toss inside the stove when you travel with it and then need it to carry the pit anywhere you like.

Benefits of the Solo Stove Bonfire Handle

One of the nice benefits of having a handle is how easy it is to carry it when you are done with the ashes the next day.

I always like to dump out ashes pretty frequently and keep it clean so the double flame works the best every time.

It’s so much easier to lift it up with the handle and dump it into the garbage can now.

Another favorite benefit that has really helped me is how the carry handle has saved my back!

No longer do I stress about the deep bend and pull it used to take to pick it up and move it, even if I had someone else to help me.

Hands down, this tool is a no-brainer to pick up if you have a Solo Stove.

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