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Do I Need a Solo Bonfire Heat Deflector?


I’ve been waiting for the Solo Stove Bonfire Heat Deflector to be ready and it’s finally here!

One of the few negatives about Solo Stoves is that their heat is directed upward more than typical open fire pits.

But the benefit of a Solo Stove is the elimination of annoying smoke from the experience.

So during cooler weather when the whole point of a fire pit is to get warm, it makes it difficult to sit by the fire.

Thankfully that problem is now fixed and the solution is genius. Yes genius!

Now it is possible to have your cake and eat it too.

By attaching a heat deflector on top of a stand, you get a beautiful low smoke burn effect from the flames as well as reflecting a ton of heat back down toward legs and feet.

This is perfect for pulling up a chair or stool next to the fire pit heat deflector and feeling the warmth over your entire body.

How the Solo Stove Bonfire Heat Deflector Works

Basically, the fire pit produces heat upward toward the Heat Deflector’s center cone.

Then the angles of the deflection disc capture the heat and disperse it outward and downward so that it warms the air surrounding the fire pit.

Here’s how the heat gets redirected in this simple illustration.

Solo Stove Heat Deflector

Features I Love

  • The overall design of the heat deflector adds the perfect dimension to the top of the Solo Stove. Plus the added aesthetic of seeing flames shoot through the top of it make it look extra bad-ass! I can’t wait to build up a hot as hell fire so I can show it off!
  • Detachable legs – Right now I don’t have the Solo Stove Hub yet, so I’ll just be using the legs. But because of the opening – I know it will be a cinch to throw extra logs or play with fire inside the fire pit whenever I desire.
  • Sturdy – Because of the Solo Stove Brand quality, I know it’s made of real 304 stainless steel and the welds are also quality and will not break apart in the heat.

Questions about the Solo Stove Heat Deflector

Will it damage my deck or grass surface?

No, this would be highly unlikely. Because the height of the Solo Stove heat deflector is higher than the fire pit, it is far enough away to keep surfaces of all types safe.

Check out these images showing the range of heat given out compared to one without the fire pit heat reflector.

Where should I store it?

As far as storage, this is the only negative I can come up with right now. It won’t fit under the Solo Stove Shelters, but at least the legs are detachable and it can be placed inside my garage or possibly my shed.

Since I will only need it on colder nights, it’s something I won’t always be using, but when I do, I know it will be a special treat for my guests.

Watch The Solo Stove Bonfire Heat Deflector in Action


If you are a fire pit addict like I am, this is an easy decision – absolutely…take my money and ship it asap.

I can’t wait to enjoy the Solo Stove Bonfire Heat Deflector on cold nights with my friends and family.

Now I know I’m being the best host by giving them the warmth they need to hang out a long time and enjoy each other’s company.

As usual, I recommend checking out the Solo Stove site – especially around holidays for specials and if you join their mailing list you will also get a nice discount.

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